Points accumulated based on rider/horse team. Top 12 Winners in open 4D win a Tuff Arena Jacket! 
Added money each day!
The tie breaker goes to the team that has attended the most shows. 2nd tie breaker is a coin toss.

Series Rules

  • No rider or horse substitutes allowed.
  • Each rider/horse team must pay a $20.00 nomination fee to earn points in the Open 4D, and/or a $5.00 nomination fee for the Youth 4D, to be eligible for the top high point winner awards. (No nomination fee or form required for 2D Pee Wee Barrels).
  • 1 FREE PASS!
    • Best 4 out of 5 Races!
      • 5 races, but only count your 4 best!
      • Miss an event, tip a barrel, no worries! Use your 1 free pass.
  • Points are awarded to the top 20 in each division of nominated rider/horse for each show. (Example: 1st place in each division will earn 20 points. 2nd place will earn 19 points. etc.)
  • Points will be totaled at the end of the series and the top 12 high point rider/horse combinations will be awarded prizes in the Open 4D. The top 3 will be awarded prizes in the Youth 4D. The top 3 Pee Wee riders will be awarded special prizes, but all Pee Wee riders will receive an award.

2021 Standings

Last Updated 09/10/21

2D Pee Wee Barrels (Final)

Youth 4D (Final)

Open 4D (Final)


2020 Standings

Last Updated 9/10/20

2D Pee Wee Barrels (Final)

Youth 4D (Final)

Open 4D (Final)


2019 Standings

Last Updated 8/27/19

2D Pee Wee Barrels (Final)

Youth 4D (Final)

Open 4D (Final)

Summer Series - Showdown Qualifiers

*Summer Series Showdown Flyer*





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